About Me

My name is Scarlett Oneal and I live in Tampa, FL. I was born in 1995 and I was always active growing up. My mom involved me in everything whether it was dance classes or setting up mock photo shoots. These activities are what, I believe, have pushed me to be a hardworking, creative individual. I have always enjoyed hobbies like drawing and photography and still try to refer to back to these outlets when designing.

“Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity.” – Saul Bass

After I began my studies at the University of Tampa, my skills improved but so did my understanding of design. Design started popping up in my every day life and I realized it was more than a grid and typefaces. It is about connection.The idea that something can speak without having words in fascinating. Stumbling upon designs that communicate to me is what keeps me inspired. I strive to make things that connect with others that same exact way.


Adobe Creative Suite100%
Microsoft Office95%